Protect your email from spam, phishing, ransomware and other threats

Mail protection services

Our secure email protection service protects against ransomware, spam, business email compromise, spoofing and phishing.

Defend against email threats

We can block any website that serves suspicious or malicious code through the use of real-time behavioural analysis as well as content inspection. Our real-time and multi-layered anti-malware engine enables us to identify the behaviour and intent of code that is served by a webpage. We do not rely on signatures to offer protection against known or previously unseen attacks. Whenever a user clicks on a link, our system rewrites and scans the URL, even if the email was subsequently forwarded, to ensure that the target website is scanned during access time. This goes a long way toward ensuring that there is no room for attacks to occur. We also scan websites during real-time access to pinpoint hidden malicious code or staged attacks from non-trusted websites. Our notification system encourages safer computing habits and enlightens users as to the best practices for web browsing.

How email protection works

Email protection

Email security receives the email for scanning and decides if an URL in the body of the message needs to be analysed. The URL is then rewritten and hyperlinked with a unique customer reference and a link to Sooma Blended Threats. Whenever a user clicks on the link, Sooma Blended Threats receives the request for analysis. It then analyses the web content associated with the link and analyses the behaviour and intent. The webpage is served to the user if it is free from malicious code. If not, the user receives a block page which signifies that the user is protected from attacks.