Everything you need to run your email marketing at an affordable rate.

Enterprise Cloud Email

Reliable, secure and private

Secure and reliable email hosting doesn’t have to be exorbitant.

NWe provide high availability, cross platform IMAP and POP3 email hosting that works seamlessly with popular desktop and mobile devices.

NFor reliability, security and full-feature productivity and functionality, you need a complete business-class solution.

NWe can offer you the highest level of reliability, security and privacy in an outsourced email system.

NSooma’s email hosting platform is a fully managed private cloud service that’s backed by our industry-leading support team.

Synchronization across diverse platforms

Sooma’s business cloud mailbox solution is compatible with all POP3 and MAP applications and devices such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows.

Our Groupware Edition provides support for Exchange ActiveSync as well as CalDAV and CardDAV. Our enterprise-class solution will keep your calendar and contacts synchronized across mobile devices, desktop clients and webmail.

Diverse platforms

What’s Included?

With our business cloud mailbox solution, you’ll get:

Enterprise service

High quality enterprise-class email.

Advanced protection

Top notch spam, virus and malware protection.

Secure email

Protect your data between devices and users with our encrypted connections.

Cross platform support

Sooma is a simple and modern email solution that is available for a wide range of platforms such as Windows, Apple, Linux, Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird and mobile devices.

Send and receive

Top-notch support for POP3, IMAP and SMTP protocols.

Easy synchronization

Easily synchronize calendars on desktops, mobile device and webmail with Groupware Edition.

Mobile connectivity

Sooma business cloud mailbox solution is compatible with wireless devices such as Android, BlackBerry and iOS.

Brand awareness

Promote your brand and identity with email at your domain through our hosted email solution.

Unique features

Sooma enables you to keep your email in the cloud and/or download messages to your computers. We also provide options for you to change your configuration anytime.

Easy accessibility

Irrespective of the type of client applications you use (Outlook, wireless devices or webmail), we will help you to stay connected anytime, anywhere.


We can automatically configure your users in Outlook with their email addresses and passwords by making use of a simple DNS setting.

Web based administration

Seamlessly manage your email accounts and vacation messages, forwards and aliases. You can also use our web based admin panel to add new accounts and change passwords.

Email security

Protect your data by connecting securely with SSL and TLS encryption for POP3, SMTP and webmail client.


You’ll enjoy the stronger privacy you deserve for your online life via non content scanning for advertising, identity tracking or third party marketing.

Advanced protection

We offer top-notch email security solutions to protect you against threats such as business email compromise, spam, malware and non-malware threats with up to date, state-of-the-art antivirus and spam filtering.


Our email solution is completely scalable and can be tailored to your needs.

You can easily add or remove accounts as you go and we can provide extra storage space if needed. You can easily upgrade 5Gb accounts to 50Gb or downgrade accounts.

Top-notch support

With over 15 years of experience in attending to clients’ email hosting needs, we have what it takes to provide you 24x7x365 live support. It’s what differentiates us from the crowd.

Our highly trained staff is dedicated to supporting you irrespective of your business size.

End-user controls

Our business cloud mailbox solution will enable your users to effectively manage their individual account settings and also handle other tasks such as:

NChanging passwords;
NVacation messages;
NSpam filtering;